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Spring, Golf & Hydronics…

It’s time to get your fancy turned. You know, your fancy turned, as in “as winter turns to spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love.” That’s fine if you’re a young man.  But if you’re a middle-aged man on the “back nine” of life, when winter turns to spring your fancy turns to…golf! Even [...]

"Faster, slower…"

Welcome back, gang!  This week’s song is all about feeling good about yourself…it’s an anthem that says that no matter what you may think, I’m not that bad a guy.  It’s from a folk-rock/country-rock/storytelling specialist named Todd Snider (biography here), from his 1994 debut album “Songs for the Daily Planet.” The song is “Alright Guy.” [...]

The Strange Case Of The Banging Zone Valve

It’s “Mystery Week” in Blogville…we’re going to play detective to unravel The Strange Case of the Banging Zone Valve.  And in that spirit, our song of the week pays homage to all the great detectives — from Columbo, Banacek and Starsky  to Spenser, Magnum and Hutch — here’s Elvis Costello and “Watching the Detectives.”[Audio clip: [...]

Calculating vs. Estimating…

A new blog feature…The Song of the Week! Every week we’ll post an obscure but interesting song from the Barba iTunes library.  To start things off, here’s a classic from the original King of Song Parodies, the late, great Allan Sherman. You know him best for “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.” Here’s a hilarious collection of mishigas [...]

Hydronics, Circulators & Hot Wheels

Any of you old enough to remember playing with Hot Wheels cars?  I had a boatload of ‘em with about six miles of track, and would spend rainy Saturdays having a full-field drag race to determine my fastest Hot Wheel ever.  It was usually the Classic Chevy Nomad, the Silhouette or the Deora (lost the damn [...]

"Flow Rate, Head Loss, Chart!!!"

I wrote an article for a trade magazine a couple of years ago about circulator selection.  The inspiration came from a real conversation at a training class, in which a student asked about the easiest way to select the right circulator for a job. “That’s easy,” says I.  “After you calculate the heat loss (see [...]