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Wasn’t Born To Follow

Although it didn’t end well for Wyatt, Billy or George, Easy Rider was one hell of a movie, with an iconic soundtrack featuring The Band, Hendrix, Steppenwolf and, of course, The Byrds… “Wasn’t Born To Follow” is, for many reasons, the perfect song for this blog entry.  Read on… I have a theory. Seems to [...]

Buena All The Time

Steve Greenberg said, “Go, you’ll love it.” “I dunno, sounds kinda silly to me” said I. This was during my “anti-New Wave” phase. “Silly? That’s the whole point.  We’re 19, and Joe ‘King’ Carrasco puts on a fun show” said Steve. Yet another thing I was wrong about… Joe “King” Carrasco is, according to his [...]

Time Has Come Today

Long before Christopher Walken begged for “more cowbell,” the Chambers Brothers were making cowbell history! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niDmkXnWdVA&feature=related “Time Has Come Today” peaked at #11 in 1968, ranked 18th in a listing of the Greatest Psychedelic Songs of All Time (I’d have put it a tad higher – just sayin’), and it’s an altogether appropriate song for [...]

Sunshine Superman

I can remember singing this song in 5th grade music class.  Hard to believe the Harvard Public School system, in 1970, was introducing British psychedelic pop to 10-year-olds, but it explains much… That’s the unmistakable sound of Donovan with “The Sun is a Very Magic Fellow,” from the 1968 album HurdyGurdy Man. Mrs. Sturgios was [...]

Everybody’s Talkin’…

Ever felt like getting away from it all?  Well, when you do, here’s your soundtrack… “Everybody’s Talkin’” is Harry Nilsson’s ode to escape and/or loneliness. It hit #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1969 and won a Grammy as the theme song for Midnight Cowboy, a perfect song/film marriage if ever there was one. “Everybody’s [...]

Price Cuts & Sunshine

Since we’re talking about singing “Jonathans,” (see Richman, Jonathan – last blog post), let’s take a look at a guy who lived in my hometown of Harvard, MA back in the ’70′s - Jonathan Edwards: “Sunshine” peaked at #4 on the Billboard charts in January of 1972, and was the #34 Pop Single on The Cash Box charts [...]

Faster Miles An Hour

If not for There’s Something About Mary, most folks would have never heard of Jonathan Richman or The Modern Lovers.  But he is the author and performer of what some call the first punk record, and what The Guardian magazine calls “one of the most magical songs ever written…” “Roadrunner” was written in 1970, first [...]