Welcome to my Blog. My goal is to share information with friends, colleagues and customers in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry. I’ve been in the plumbing and heating business since about the time I could walk. My Dad started his business in 1938 in Harvard, Massachusetts, and I can remember carrying wrenches and fetching pipe as far back as age 5.

I’ve had the good fortune to work as a trainer since 1994, and have presented to over 12,000 plumbing, heating and cooling professionals since then. I’ve been with Taco, Inc of Cranston, RI since 2007. It’s a wonderful company that values both its customers and its employees, and is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality products and the highest level of support. My job is to help our customers achieve the success they desire. I hope to hear from you!

If you want to message me directly, my email is johbar@taco-hvac.com

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  1. Any status update on the LOFlo Mixing Block? I’d love to work through it before I had to install one “for real.”

  2. Help me out David…LOFlo Mixing block? I know I should know this, but help me with some details…Thanks…

  3. John, you are going to stone me for this but what is the reason for the 3 way set point I-Valve with union connections? Would it not be simpler and more cost effective to go with the 5000 series mix valve? is the I-Valve more accurate with a quicker response time? I do not stock the set point I-Valve with unions but maybe I should because I have contractors asking for them. Also… I do not know if you have heard but Rocky’s wive Cathy is very ill. Rocky has a website updating friends on her condition. Thought you might want to check it out. Thanks


  4. Heard about Rocky’s wife..but didn’t know about the Caring Bridge site…thanks.

    I think the Setpoint iValve is more accurate than the tempering valve…the tempering valve will fluctuate some based on boiler temperature, and it doesn’t react as quickly. The iValve responds more quickly and is more dead-on, temp-wise. If contractors are asking for them, that’s a good thing!

  5. One of my customers came back from your class with a powerpoint printout of a buffer tank applacation guide. I have looked on our rep site but can not come up with it cna you guide me?

    Thank you

  6. Not sure what guide you’re talking about…email me — lemme know exactly what it might be. Don’t recall giving anything out, unless it was from the class workbook.

  7. Dave — probably came from our Neighborhood webinar! You should — change that — need to join The Neighborhood!

  8. John – Dave was looking for the .pdf file found on the buffer tank webinar page. I printed out the .pdf. and he saw a copy. I sent him the link. When I came back from your class, I took your advice and joined the neighborhood. After a little snooping around I found a lot of good stuff. Thanks!

  9. Glad you’re liking it! Thanks for participating and thanks for reading the blogs…hope you find them helpful. And thanks for taking care of Dave…we have to look out for him ;-)

  10. Taco LoFlo Mixing Block (LMB) Model LO205 etc.

  11. Aha!

    is it shipping, any thoughts. I want to get me one to work with.

  12. Hi John,

    I attended the Webinar” today as a guest, couldn’t remember my password.


  13. Hello John,
    I have a small problem. Cannot log in to the Taco Neighborhood. Get a response “your invitation has expired” even being logged in on the FloPro Team page.
    How can I get access, if I may?
    Thank you!

  14. Hi Volodymry…email me privately, I’ll get you a new link.

  15. Hi John, I was wondering what happens after I take a couple of elearning courses online. When will I be seeing the certs? Thanks

  16. Hi Vincent — we tend to send them out in batches, so my guess is that you’d be seeing in fairly soon.

  17. Thanks John

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