Already Gone

Easy to forget The Eagles were bigger than Den Henley’s hair back in the mid-70′s…

Already Gone” from that great musical year 1974!

And speaking of already gone – I want to share with a little story about garbage.  The city in which I live does not provide garbage pickup – we get to choose from competing haulers.

We recently switched providers for some very specific, service-related reasons. But shortly after our switch, I received this photocopied form letter from our former provider:

“It is with deep regret that we received your cancellation notice. Our only suggestion would have been to call (us) before changing your services. We would have made you aware that the company you chose to switch to is the second largest garbage hauling firm in the world. They employ 26,000 people and have annual revenue that exceeds five billion dollars per year.

My wife and I along with our family run our hometown service here in Fred County with less than 20 employees and pay local taxes over $25,000 per year (and yes, that helps keep your taxes down).

I wish I could change your mind about switching but I know this big company you choose (sic) likes to lock you in with high-pressure schemes and will promise you whatever your want to hear.

Remember we have been working in this city for 39 years, we have already showed you what a local family run services (sic) can do. Don’t be fooled by the big guys. Let’s keep our community local. Don’t let the big guys squeeze us out.  Call today and let’s talk about working something out to save your business.”

The only thing he didn’t do was address the letter, “Dear Jerk…”

My first reaction was “my God, what have I done????”  But take a closer look at the letter. There’s certainly a good bit of anger coming through, isn’t there? And the tone is very condescending, as well. The writer immediately goes into attack mode on the “big company,” implying that dumb people like me are easy pickings for this mammoth garbage-hauling conglomerate and their “high pressure schemes.”

Nowhere  does the writer mention any services his local company provides that the larger company doesn’t, nor does he explain why his company is better suited to serve my garbage-hauling needs.

He says if I had called they would have told me how big their competitors is compared to how small his company is, and that he considers their tactics to be slimy while inferring only an idiot would fall for their lies.

But nowhere in the letter does he ask these basic questions:

Why did you switch?

Was it something we did?

Was it something we didn’t do?

Instead, he assumes the only reason we switched was that we’re disloyal chumps who simply don’t get it. He says he wishes he could change my mind but, sadly, it’s too late for that since I’ve already been duped by his Voldemort-like competitor.

Too bad I’m so stupid.

And my ignorance just raised my taxes, as well as the taxes of all my neighbors.

“Dear Jerk…”

I was scrolling through Facebook a few days ago and was struck by a post imploring readers to “buy local,” and to support “local companies.”  That made me think of why we switched garbage haulers and, more specifically, this incredibly ineffective – if not counter-productive – letter.

There’s a lot more to the story as to why we switched garbage-haulers, and it has nothing to do with high pressure tactics and empty promises.

It has everything to do with poor levels of service, high levels of inconvenience and “the copper incident.”

Details in our next post! But until then…

’74 was a big year for Swedish pop, although it’s still a mystery to me why these guys were so popular…

Umm, never mind. Mystery solved.

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  1. My audio is broken,so I find 1/2 of ABBA very entertaining!

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