Batter Up!

If you like baseball history, you’ll love this tune…

That’s “Pastime” by The Baseball Project, a tune chockfull of baseball trivia (stand and be counted if you know what “two round-trippers and a no-hitter, that’s Rick Wise” means!).

And it’s a perfect song with which to celebrate Opening Day, 2014.

Taco’s “spring training” season has been on-going since late January.  So far this year we’ve put on nearly a dozen full-day training programs across the country, with more than 400 participants in areas such as Massachusetts, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Seattle and Colorado.

But today is Opening Day for more than just baseball.

Regular season training for Taco gets underway in earnest this week, with a full-day program in beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario.  After that you’ll have a slew of training opportunities both in the field and at the Taco factory in Cranston, RI.

Starting next week and running through June will be full-day “American Hydronics Revolution” classes at the factory, hosted by the one-and-only Dave Holdorf.  These classes are region specific, so if you’re in New England, New Jersey, upstate New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania or Canada, contact your local wholesaler or Taco manufacturer’s representative to get signed up.

Also starting next week is our flagship factory training program, “Residential Hydronics; Advanced Soup to Variable Speed Nuts.”  This two-day program is the most complete factory training program in the industry, covering everything from heat loss and boiler selection to pump selection, zoning options and controls wiring.  The first program – April 10-11 – is already sold out, as are the June 12-13 and  July 31-Aug 1 classes.

We still have openings for our May 8-9 class, as well as our Fall dates (Sept 18-19 and Oct 23-24).  These programs include 2 days of training, hands-on controls wiring opportunities, meals, ground transportation, two nights hotel and a fun night out on the town for $299.  All you have to do is get yourself to Rhode Island – we’ll take care of the rest!  Click here for more details and to register online.

In addition, we have lots of field training opportunities coming up this spring.  If you’re in Ontario (Toronto or Thunder Bay), Alaska (Fairbanks or Anchorage), Saskatchewan (Regina or Saskatoon), Spokane, Colorado (Denver or Montrose) or elsewhere, we most likely will have something in your vicinity.  Check with your local Taco rep to see what’s going on, or just comment here and we’ll see if we can hook you up.

I understand there’s no such thing as a “good time” to go to training. We’re all busy and a day spent at a training class is a day not spent generating income. But as on old boss once told me, “don’t be so busy chopping wood that you forget to sharpen your axe.”

But since you have lots of wood to chop, whatever training classes you choose to attend better be more than worthwhile.  As a simple rule, you should:

- Avoid product-specific training classes.  These are usually thinly-disguised sales pitches and tend to be a waste of your time.

- Look for “application-based” classes that stress hydronics fundamentals and info you can use regardless of which product you choose.

- Make a “learning plan,” meaning don’t just show up hoping to “learn something.”  Plan ahead and take control of your learning – have 2 or 3 specific things you’d like to learn when attending a class.

- Show up early, sit up front, turn the cell phone off, ask questions, take lots of notes and then study your notes when you get home.  This guarantees you’ll be able to use the stuff you learn, and make the information part of your skill set.

And with that, it’s now time to….


And just a little reminder of how last year ended…

“I love that dirty water….”


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