Beautiful Day

A fine “play loud” piece of music to ring in the New Year…

And even thought it’s -11 here in Minnesota this morning, it’s a Beautiful Day, and looking back on the 2013, it was a Beautiful Year, blogwise.

Here’s a look back at this year’s Top 10:

January, 2013 started off with a trip back to 1950.  Mr. Rudolph Lizotte wanted a revolutionary new heating system installed in his house.  This cutting edge technology was called “fin-tube baseboard.” Mr. Lizotte’s installer? One Mario J. Barba of Harvard, MA.  Here’s my old man’s recollections of how he tip-toed into this new-fangled radiation, and what the rep had to do to help make the job happen…

And later that month, we kicked off a 3-part series on the Mystery of The Banging Zone Valves. It took the combined efforts of Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, Shaggy and Scooby to get to the bottom of this whodunnit (Parts 2 & 3 are here and here).

A good portion of our blogging year has been spent studying variable speed circulators.  We launched a series in mid-February trying to separate the fact from the fiction – starting with Speed King.”  

In early March we lost guitar king Alvin Lee. His talents are featured in Bees Make Honey, a look at the role of Delta-T in variable speed pumping (Hint – it’s not the target, it’s the “aiming device“).  The rest of this 4-part series focuses on how changing water temperatures and changing flows affect the output of heat emitters.  Check them out here, here and here.

Baseball season started in April (and for Sawx fans, it’d be a darn good year!), and we launched a series on the very distinct functional differences between Delta-T and Delta-P variable speed pumping, and how those differences may matter to your heating systems.  Girls Talk started the 5-part series.  Check out the rest here, here, here and here.

In July, NASA’s Mars Rover starts poking around the Red Planet, Phil wins the British Open and you guys gobbled up a 3-part series of case studies on the fuel saving benefits of Delta-T variable speed pumping, starting with Anthony’s Voice.”  Delta (T) Dawn and Feel The Noise follow.

By late August everyone was still wondering just what the hell had happened to Miley Cyrus, but the FloPro Blog decided that musically, 1974 was the better choice.  ”Midnight At The Oasis” kicked off a 3 part series on the importance of system curves when it comes to choosing a circulator, and why a 3-speed pump isn’t always the right choice, especially when using zone valves.  Click here and here for the Parts 2 and 3.

What Red Sox fan will ever forget October?  It was BoSox, Beards and Baseball all month long!  In Blog-land, we featured a 2-part series on what not to do when you lose a customer.  Check out Already Gone and the follow-up, Takin’ Care of Business.

Words were the topic of the month in November – more precisely, why we should take a critical look at some of the words or phrases we commonly use when selling hydronics, and why those words or phrases may not be appropriate, or helpful.  Is a new boiler really an “investment?” Check out Words,” Call Me Al and Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap for some provocative reading.

And we wound up the blogging year with a post about – you guessed it – Delta-T variable speed pumping (are you sensing a theme here?).  Watching The Wheels shares with you the importance of the Universal Hydronics Formula and why it can’t be ignored or minimized when it comes to variable speed pumping.  It was good enough for the great Gil Carlson, it’s good enough for us, too!

It’s been a pleasure blogging for you this year. We’ve had more than 14,000 hits this year and for that we offer a very sincere “thank you!” We hope what you’ve found here has been useful and thought provoking.

And with the help of U2, here’s wishing a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

“A world in white gets underway…”

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