Just Because…

Don’t poke the mask off the ole’ Lone Ranger… And you don’t mess around with Jim.  Croce, that is.  Miss this dude… Ever wonder why pump curves look the way they do?  I mean, why is a 007 curve “flat” while the curves of a 0015 3-speed, or a Grunfos 15-58 3-speed are “steep?” Well, [...]

How Do You Do?

This may very well be one of my favorite music videos of all time… Dutch duo Mouth & MacNeil with their #8 hit from the summer of ’72, “How Do You Do? The 70′s were different, especially in Europe… And speaking of Europe, there’s a tendency in our industry to look at Europe as the [...]

The Professor

In honor of the recent passing of Russell Johnson (aka “The Professor”) at age 89, we bring you this interesting take on two classics… RIP Professor, one of the smartest men ever. And speaking of professors, and the smartest men ever, I would like to submit to you the 2014-2016 winner of the Carlson-Holohan Industry [...]

A Small, Small World

With apologies to the Disney Corporation, Uncle Walt surely knew what he was talking about! It really is a small world, after all. How small? Well, take the 2013 “Borrow Barba 3″ contest. Because I miss all the planning meetings, Taco has decided to make me someone else’s problem for a day.  The most recent [...]

Beautiful Day

A fine “play loud” piece of music to ring in the New Year… And even thought it’s -11 here in Minnesota this morning, it’s a Beautiful Day, and looking back on the 2013, it was a Beautiful Year, blogwise. Here’s a look back at this year’s Top 10: January, 2013 started off with a trip [...]

Celebrate Me Home

She wasn’t technically my Grandmother – she was my mother’s step-mother – but that never mattered much. From my very young perspective, she was the matriarch of a pretty remarkable family. Every Christmas most of my mother’s brothers and their families would gather at our house for one long, loud and crazy day. Nona and Aunt [...]

Watching The Wheels

We lost John 33 years ago this past Sunday… My favorite Lennon classic! Some random hydronic thoughts while watching the wheels… GPM = BTUH ÷ (ΔT × 500) If there was ever a non-controversial math formula in all of hydronics, this is it.  It was good enough when Gil Carlson developed the very first System Syzer Wheel way [...]

Chirpy Chirpy “Cheap Cheap”

Can you believe this was a monster hit in 1971? That’s a Scottish band called Middle of the Road, and “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” hit #1 on the European charts. And it’ll be bouncing around your brain all day! Way to go, Europe… Our topic of late has been the language of hydronics – more [...]

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

It’s Thanksgiving Day…. Classic Kink-master Ray Davies with a wonderful, melancholy and ultimately uplifting Thanksgiving “carol” from 2005. As far as holidays go, Thanksgiving is the best, followed closely by the 4th of July and Memorial Day.  Christmas is two separate events – the gift buying-house decorating-tree trimming-card sending nightmare, and the religious/spiritual milestone of my Catholic upbringing.  [...]

Call Me Al

So the 80′s weren’t all bad… Paul and Chevy.  And some guy – you could call him Al.  He’d be okay with it… You can call a hydronic system all kinds of things.  Some may call it art, others an appliance.  Heck, you could even call it Al. Or Betty. But one thing you can’t [...]