Celebrate Me Home

She wasn’t technically my Grandmother – she was my mother’s step-mother – but that never mattered much. From my very young perspective, she was the matriarch of a pretty remarkable family. Every Christmas most of my mother’s brothers and their families would gather at our house for one long, loud and crazy day.

Nona and Aunt Marge would show up after church and help Mom with the cooking.  Uncle Frankie  and his wife would drive up from Connecticut, followed by Uncles Mike, Tony and Freddie and their clans.  If we were lucky, Uncle John and his wife would come up from New Jersey.  This was one interesting collection of Italians, and all fine examples of what Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.”

All five uncles were on active duty during WWII: Mike and Tony were in the infantry in Europe from D-Day on, Freddie was in the Army Air Corp in England while John and Frankie were in the Navy in Pacific.

None of them talked very much about their service (all were decorated),  but these humble men simply did what hundreds of thousands of other men and women did back then, and are still doing today.  And through the lens of time it seems now that one of the things that made those Christmas gatherings so special was the implicit gratitude they must have felt to be together.

They’re all gone now, but definitely not forgotten.  So for my uncles, and for all the men and women away from home, here’s a wonderful piece of music from Kenny Loggins…

No circulators, boilers, controls or radiators this week, just fondest wishes for a safe, happy and peaceful holiday season from all your friends at Taco.

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