Come On Over…

It’s Thanksgiving Day….

Classic Kink-master Ray Davies with a wonderful, melancholy and ultimately uplifting Thanksgiving “carol” from 2005.

Wrote this blogpost about Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, but with Ray’s song in mind, it bears repeating:

As far as holidays go, Thanksgiving is the best, followed closely by the 4th of July and Memorial Day.  Christmas is two separate events – the gift buying-house decorating-tree trimming-card sending nightmare, and the religious/spiritual milestone of my Catholic upbrining.  Now that the kids are older, the first event is losing its appeal, but the second will always be important.

Thanksgiving was always spent with the Leominster, Massachusetts Barba’s — my father’s brother and his family — one year at our house, one year at their house.  If you combine two households of Italians and a festive holiday, you come up with one hell of a lot of life, laughter and food. (If you’re not Italian – and my condolences if you aren’t –  just imagine the wedding scene from “The Godfather,” and you have the idea…). And food.  Did I mention the food?

Oh my God, the food…

There would be antipasto, lasagna, salads of all kinds, potatoes, pies, Italian cookies and, some years, TWO turkeys.

We were good eaters.

Both households made a meat stuffing that, if you were going to the “chair,” you’d want on the menu for your last meal.  Tried making it the last few years – good, but not the same.

Anyway, that’s it.  No business today, nothing technical or heating related.  Just some memories and warm wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And laughs.  Don’t forget the laughs…

One of the funniest lines in TV history right there.  Rock on, WKRP!

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  1. Eat, laugh, love…GREAT post John.
    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

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