Cover of the Rolling Stone

Something tells me these guys might have, uh, enjoyed the 70′s…

Hailing from Union, New Jersey, that’s Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show with “Cover of The Rolling Stone,” a #6 hit in 1973.  And yes, they did eventually make the cover.

They say the internet may lead to the demise of the traditional magazine as we know it.  I hope not.  When it comes to bargains, it’s hard to beat a magazine. The what-you-get-vs-what-you-pay ratio is off the freakin’ charts.

Especially trade magazines.

I get ‘em all.  Contractor, Plumbing & Mechanical (with a web-column by yours truly!), Contracting Business and a bunch more – but finding the time to read them all can be difficult (Angry Birds is just so damn time-consuming!).  For some reason, the November issue of PHC News slipped past my radar until yesterday morning.  After setting the Fantasy Football lineup, making a dent in the leftover turkey and wondering why Minnesota has to have winter (thus ending golf season), the November issue was finally at the top of the pile.

What a gem!

The cover story is on the ProPress fitting system.  Plumber Raymond Nelson used ProPress on special stainless steel drain piping for some chiller units that to be exported to Australia.  Nelson says he saved his customer seven to 10 working days by using ProPress instead of butt-welding.  Not only that, Nelson says the finished project looked great and – most importantly – no leaks!

Click here for the story.

The logical follow-up to the ProPress story is a Power Tool Survey (click here, page 34) – what types of tools do you carry? Favorite brands? Where do you get your information? Has the economy affected your tool-buying?

Two questions were particularly interesting.  When asked what characteristics do you look for when buying a tool, contractors said durability was far and away #1, while price was a distant third. Said it before, will say it again: people are NOT price buyers!

The other question of note – where do you buy your power tools – should make any wholesaler smile. It would seem contractors still prefer buying from their local supply house.  Big box stores were a distant second and online was third, although PHC News says online purchases gained popularity from the last survey, conducted two years ago.

Contractors were also asked “what is your most trusted tool?” One guy wrote in: “My partner Mike. He’s the biggest tool I know.”

I love our industry.

The issue had a few more pleasant surprises.

Dan Foley’s “From The Field’ column (click here) is always a treat – especially when he puts my name in the lead paragraph! Dan’s article discusses Taco’s recent screening of The Tradesmen movie.

“A generation ago, skilled tradesmen were generally admired, and the trades were considered a noble profession,” writes Dan. “Somewhere along the way, this admiration was lost.” Dan tells of participating in a career day at a local high school, with piping and sheet metal displays and an operational pipe threader.  Parents would physically steer their kids away.

More good friends contributed to the issue.  Regular columnist and adjunct Taco FloPro U. professor Ellen Rohr contributed her monthly bit of contracting business wisdom (click here), and the man who may very well be the most upbeat and inspirational person I’ve ever met, upstate New York contractor John Abularrage, writes about how his company coped with the backlast from Hurricane Irene (click here).

And maybe the biggest surprise was the PHC  News 2nd Annual Top 20 Under 20 list, which features the top 20 PHC companies, in terms of revenue, with under 20 employees.  #1 on the list? Good friend and Taco Trade Council member Jim Godbout of Jim Godbout P&H in Biddeford, ME (click here).  If you want a blueprint for success, check out the interview with Jim.

Oh, and in case you ever wondered, there’s an article on figuring the efficiency of a solar collector.

Lastly, there were two full-page ads for the big PHC News event at January’s ASHRAE show in Chicago.  The magazine is sponsoring what promises to be a boffo panel discussion, “Selling Efficiency in Today’s Marketplace.”

There’s an all-star cast on the panel, including the King Kong and Fay Wray of the PHC industry – better known as “Hot Rod” and Ellen Rohr – as well as Dan Foley, PA contractor Dave Yates and MN contractor Eric Aune.  I’ll be there to carry their luggage (and man, did they use an old picture!)

The program will discuss how to sell high-efficiency as a cost-effective solution to your customers.  What has worked for you guys?  What hasn’t worked? What challenges/objections do you hear from your customers?  Let me know what’s going on in your world so I can share it with the panel and the audience.

And if you’re going to ASHRAE, make sure to sit in on the session.  You can register here.

Magazines are still one of the best deals going, especially trade magazines which are – wait for it – FREE (subscribe here)!  And the November issue of PHC News would be on the cover of the Rolling Stone, if the Rolling Stone kept an eye on plumbing and heating industry trade magazines.

Which they should.

And if Dr. Hook made you smile, this one from The Stampeders should set you up very nicely for the rest of the day….

Sweet City Woman” hit #8 in 1971, another fine example of Canada’s contribution to pop music.

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