Cut Those Fuel Bills, Part 1

Anyone in the path of Hurricane Irene play this tune over the weekend?

That’s one smooth sax solo!

Classics IV had a handful of hits in the late 60′s, with “Stormy” hitting # 5 in 1968.  No doubt it was a stormy weekend back East – hope all of you are safe and dry and have your power back!

Found this interesting little tidbit online.  It’s a report from the Center for Energy and Environment in St. Paul, Minnesota on what they call “Cost-Effective Boiler System Retrofits.”  You can click here for the full report, but here’s the Reader’s Digest version

“The cost of energy is a significant portion of the operating expenses for any…building.  Yet these same energy expenses are often the single largest controllable cost of operations, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Because the old adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” applies, the boiler room is one key area to earn that penny, and then some.”

And here’s the chart they published for estimated savings.  It’s based on large commercial boilers, but I think the estimated savings percentages are certainly applicable to residential applications:

As you can see, a simple tune-up for a high efficiency boiler – that would be a combustion analysis – could cut fuel usage an estimated 4 to 5%.  That’s not bad.  What I really like is the estimated 10 to 15% reduction by simply adding a reset control, such as a Taco PC-700,  to a cast-iron boiler.

I’m not sure about the $400.00 installed cost, which might push the so-called “payback” out another year or so, depending on the cost of fuel. Looking for more info on fuel savings with outdoor reset?  Click here! And if you’re looking for an way to help your customer look at fuel savings over the long haul, click here.

But the bigger picture for you? The Center for Energy & Environment is providing you with another piece of independent information to use in backing up claims that boiler room enhancements can reduce their fuel consumption.  Here’s a link to the full article.

Classics IV’s biggest hit ever was also in ’68, with “Spooky” hitting #3 on the Billboard chart.  After their inevitable breakup, several members of the band went on to join the Atlanta Rhythm Section, who had a minor hit in ’79 with the very same tune…

Southern soft rock at its finest!



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  1. Very timely info, JB. My Operations Manager and I have been discussing this very issue the last two weeks and how we can impress upon the customer the potential savings realized by some of our services. This will be another nice arrow in our quiver. Thanks buddy!

  2. resets can easily save up to 30% for steam boilers. They novercome the poor calibration of pressuretrols and manual reset curves.

  3. Great tip John and where do you find these tunes from the past? Funny, I listened to ‘Spooky’ just before I read this blog. How ‘spooky’ is that? Hope all the folks in RI are alright. We had a lot of rain that washed out many roads and houses.

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