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Dave Holdorf

David Holdorf Dave Holdorf is Taco’s newest trainer.  Holdorf collaborates closely with John Barba, Taco’s residential training and trade programs manager, while also working to extend the reach of the Taco residential training effort.

Holdorf has served in the hydronic industry for more than 15 years, chiefly focused on radiant business at Uponor.  There he served as technical support/designer, engineering manager, and field technician – supporting installers and distributors with training, designing and troubleshooting. Before his roles at Uponor, Holdorf also worked at Radiant Technology, Inc. as manager of technical services.

Holdorf received his B.E. in mechanical engineering from SUNY Maritime College where he worked on steam ships and also received his 3rd Assistant Engineers License with the US Coast Guard.

Connect with David directly at davhol@taco-hvac.com


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