Feel The Noise

Ever wonder what velocity noise looks like?  Take a peak at what happens when this poor guy’s oversized circulator cranks on!

That’s Quiet Riot with a medley of their hit from the 80′s, that musical kidney stone of a decade.

And speaking of quiet riots, my main man in Alaska, the redoubtable Rocky Pavey, was having an issue with his tax collector. She was definitely hearing the noise, and she wasn’t rocking her boy.  And it was all Rocky’s fault.

“She lived in a condo complex that I do service work for,” Rocky told me.  “Six units, two zones per unit with a Grundfos 26-64 pumping the whole thing.

“The tenants, including my tax collector, were complaining about a ‘whooshing” sound whenever the circulator would come on.  And since this is Fairbanks, it would come on a lot.

“Every time I had to pay my property taxes, she’d never fail to tell me ‘That noise is driving me CRAZY!!!  CRAAAAZZZZYYYYY!!!’”

(Sounds more like a chip and a putt, but hey, it’s Rocky’s story.)

Rocky had offered to install a pressure differential bypass valve a couple of years ago, but the condo board said no.  “Too much money,” they told Rocky.

So the noise continued.

Finally, the condo board decided the noise they were hearing from the tenants outweighed the noise from the heating system.

“I explained that the issue was due to only a few zones open at any one time, yet the pump was trying to produce all the flow it could produce,” says Rocky.  “All that flow would essentially ‘squeeze’ through the open zones, and that’s what creates all that velocity noise.

“I told them what they needed was a ‘smart’ pump, one that would ‘know’ when to produce only a little flow and when to produce a lot of flow.”

He told the board a Taco 00-VDT circulator would fit the bill.  It’ll vary speed not only based on how many zones are open, but how many BTU’s are needed.  The Delta-T function means the pump will run slower in October and faster in January, and will only produce the amount of flow needed to heat the building at any given point in time.  Apparently the board liked the concept.

“They jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug,” says Rocky.  “Been installed now for about 8 months and is working like a champ.  Quiet, efficient and more than capable of doing the job.”

Chicken on a June bug?

And how about the tax collector?

“Paid my taxes three weeks ago.  Got a big smile from the collector.  She didn’t lower my taxes, though.   Then again, she didn’t raise them!

“Nice to have the 00-VDT.  A few years ago, we would have had to cut in a pressure differential bypass valve.  Now, the VDT technology gives us a new, very powerful arrow in our hydronic quiver.”

Nice to have those arrows in Alaska.  It’s already hitting 40 below zero up there in Fairbanks.

“Certainly glad I’m the on-call tech this week,” says Rocky.  “Wouldn’t want to get too much sleep or anything.

“I love the smell of ice fog in the morning.  It smells like…VICTORY!”

It’s only November, and Rocky’s already getting punchy!

And if you dig the sounds of silence, well, you’ll no doubt enjoy one of the greatest final movie scenes of all time!

Oh, like you didn’t see that one coming!

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  1. John, you enthrall and amaze. Who other than the great Barbacizer could combine Rocky Pavey with chiicken diet, hydronic education, rockin’ tunes, and Simon n’ Garfunkle’s culminating moment in The Graduate when Dustin gets his girl? Dude, you rock.

  2. Dude. Where did you find a picture of a chicken eating a June Bug? You ARE the Pan.

  3. The Pan? I like it! But then again, YOU, my friend, are the MAN!

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