First Class All The Way!

Do you remember back in olden days?

That’s the group First Class with a medley of their hit, “Beach Baby” from 1974.  We’ve heard from lead singer Tony Burrows before (here and here) but oddly, that’s not Tony doing the singing, it’s a guest lead vocalist lip-syncing.  The “live” version of the band had no “studio” members in it.

The stuff you learn at FloPro…

At Taco, however, our “live” band is the same as our “studio” band.

Did you catch our live webcast of the “First Class” at Taco’s new Innovation & Development Center last week?  Not a lip-syncer in the bunch!

We opened the program up online for the first 2+ hours so you could get a taste of the new facility and our program.  The video is archived, so you can check it out by clicking here.

In all, 28 contractors, reps and wholesalers from the US and Canada trekked to Taco HQ in Cranston, RI for the 2-day program.  We talked heatloss.  We talked boiler sizing and piping. We talked circulator selection.

We ate cake.

The program included a factory tour as well as an extended hands-on session working with Taco’s electronic controls offering.  Point-to-point wiring was never this much fun!

It truly was a First Class First Class at the new digs.  Our next program is August 23-24 (click here for registration info).  Won’t you join us?


And what would a First Class be without a First Class class portrait?

Pretty sweet, huh?

And we have even more for you Tony Burrows freaks out there…

Tony was lead singer of White Plains, however, that’s still not Tony in the video. This time it’s bass player Robin Shaw doing the lip-syncing. Tony charted hits as lead singer for four different bands in 1970, so he probably didn’t have time for videos.

Busy dude…

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