“So Train ‘Em”

We cut the ribbon on Taco’s new Innovation & Development Center a couple of weeks ago.  And since it features some amazing new classrooms, this 1973 Steely Dan classic keeps clanging through my skull…

Love the invisible horn section!

And I can’t wait to get into my new school, ’cause William and Mary won’t do…

The Innovation & Development Center is a certified “big deal.” Taco president John White says the new facility represents a new level of commitment not only to the industry and Taco’s customers, but first and foremost to the Taco employees.

“This is to you, from me,” said John at the June 21st ribbon cutting, “so that you know our commitment to your lives, to your growth, to your prosperity and to your families.”

Industry icon Dan Holohan also spoke at the ceremony.  He told of listening to Mr. White on a local radio talk show.  The radio host told Johnny that Rhode Island has a reputation for having unskilled workers, which may be why businesses don’t relocate there.

Dan said he heard Johnny chuckle, and he knew what was coming next.

“And Johnny says, ‘so train ‘em.’  That big challenge grappled to the ground with a three-word solution.”

So train ‘em.

This is nothing new for Taco.  Back in 1992, the company started the Taco Learning Center to provide educational opportunities for its employees.  Courses include job-specific programs, general education courses and quality of life classes.

The Learning Center also provides job-specific technical training, team-based manufacturing and company-wide cross training.  It’s how the company grew from a $35 million company with 500 employees into a $200 million with pretty much the same 500 employees.

And that commitment to training includes Taco’s customers, as well.  The new building includes several classrooms, including a fancy, 3-tiered classroom with multiple A/V screens.  First class all the way!

The kickoff customer training event will be held this month, July 26-27 with our popular “Compleat” Boiler Room class (think we misspelled?  Click here)

It’s a 2-day information orgy.  We’ll share with you what we know about heat loss, boiler selection, boiler piping, proper circulator selection, zoning (pumps vs. zone valves?  We’ll get to the bottom of it!), electronic controls and more.  You’ll also get a detailed factory tour (the mechanical room of the new facility is a museum piece – you gotta see this!) and some extensive hands-on opportunities.

We’re very excited about the first class at our new facility. All guests will receive a special commemorative gift pack in honor of the event, so we hope you’ll come join us  (you can register here.  Tuition includes hotel, meals and a fun night out).

And to get a taste of the ribbon cutting, please check out this video of the event.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Johnny invited up the honored guest to help with the ribbon-cutting…

Hope to see you on the 26th!

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