Spring, Golf & Hydronics…

It’s time to get your fancy turned.

You know, your fancy turned, as in “as winter turns to spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love.”

That’s fine if you’re a young man.  But if you’re a middle-aged man on the “back nine” of life, when winter turns to spring your fancy turns to…golf!

Even if, like me, you suck at it.

And the surest sign of spring is, of course, the jewel of Augusta, Georgia – The Masters!

However, spring looks to be as far away from Augusta as it does from Minnesota.  Here are some photos of the recently snow-covered Augusta National Golf course:

Notice anything interesting?

Like no snow on the greens?  Yep, the greens are heated!  Did a little digging on-line and found that the greens at Augusta National, as well as those at several other PGA-level golf courses, feature something called a Sub-Air System (website link here).

There are lots of Sub-Air systems, but the hydronic system circulates either heated or chilled fluid through the tubing underneath the green.  The idea is to keep the grass alive in the late fall and early winter to extend the playing season, as well as to keep them cool in the heat of summer so the grass won’t burn up.

Here’s a link to the Hydronics page of Sub-Air’s website.

What’ll they think of next?

2 Responses to “Spring, Golf & Hydronics…”

  1. They’ve been doing that here at a course called Northstar for the past 15 years or so. They have a portable boiler that they drag around to each green. On the back of each green are two pipes secretly concealed under a buried lid. They hook the portable boiler up to these two pipes and pump away. Their greens are always the best out of all the other courses up here. Due to the long hard winter, most greens up here don’t get really nice until about mid-june. the ones at Northstar are usually about a month ahead of them.
    Now this is the type of “green” contracting I can get in to!

  2. As long as you hit those “greens” in regulation, and putt no more than twice…”

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