The Professor

In honor of the recent passing of Russell Johnson (aka “The Professor”) at age 89, we bring you this interesting take on two classics…

RIP Professor, one of the smartest men ever.

And speaking of professors, and the smartest men ever, I would like to submit to you the 2014-2016 winner of the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence, the Mel Torme of Mini-Tube injection, the Tom Hanks of heating, that professor of Hydronics himself…

John Siegenthaler!

The “Brotherhood” of past recipients (Dave Yates, Mark Eatherton and yours truly), plus award stewards Robert Bean and the Dan Holohan, presented the award to John at last week’s AHR Expo at the Javits Center in snowy New York City last week, and it took him completely by surprise (I know how he feels!).  The award, as you may know, is the original B&G System Syzer Wheel created by the legendary Gil Carlson, the “Godfather” of American Hydronics (award history here)

Siggy is one of the legitimate “smart guys” in our industry – a graduate of RPI, a licensed mechanical engineer and a Professor Emeritus at Mohawk Valley Community College in upstate New York.  Here’s what it says on his plaque:

In recognition of your contributions to the world of keeping the human race healthy,
well and comfortable through selfless giving of your time and talents,
teaching and mentoring to raise the benchmark of professionalism
and in raising awareness and funds for industry causes,
the legacy of Gil Carlson and Dan Holohan forever and hereby includes,

John Siegenthaler

There are 53 words in that proclamation, but there are three that particularly fit Siggy to a T: teaching, mentoring and professionalism.

John has dedicated his life to teaching and mentoring in our little hydronics industry and he has, quite literally, written the book.  His epic Modern Hydronic Heating is now in its 3rd edition and is the “go-to” standard for all things hydronic.

And John’s professionalism? Simply stated, it’s physically impossible to attend a Siggy seminar, school or webinar and not come away with a book full of notes.  It’s an experience that changes the way you think and they way you do your job.

I’ve been very fortunate to be a caretaker of this award for the past two years.  It’s been an honor, but it’s an even bigger honor to hand it over to someone who is truly deserving and embodies the spirit of the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence.

Welcome to the club, Siggy!

Whatever you do, don’t drop it!


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