The Streets Have No Name

U2 nailed it during halftime of the 2002 Super Bowl.  Can’t really watch this without floods memories and emotions of 9-11.

I was teaching a class of some 50 contractors who had flown to Minnesota from Maine the day before to learn about radiant heating.  By mid-morning, radiant heating wasn’t all that important anymore.

By early afternoon, it was somewhat clear what had happened and who was responsible.  I asked the group where they wanted to go from here.  One guy summed it up in a way no one in the room will ever forget…

“Let’s do what we came here to do.  Otherwise the bastards win.”

49 other guys and one damp-eyed instructor cheered.

We did what they had come here to do, and then chartered a bus to get everyone back home.  There was a VCR on the bus so we donated the “Barba Collection” for the ride: Caddyshack, Slapshot, Animal House, My Cousin Vinnie, etc.  A few laughs on the ride home were badly needed.

A few weeks later, Paul McCartney organized a concert at Madison Square Garden to honor NYPD, FDNY and those who lost loved ones on 9-11. My friend Chuck Nowlin from WZLX in Boston posted this video from the concert on his Facebook page this week.  The Who raised the emotional roof!

Amazing how a change of times and a change of vocal inflection by Daltrey give the song a very different meaning.

Won’t get fooled again!

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  1. John – an amazing recollection and a fine tribute to events that happened a decade ago.

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